When you think of recycled aggregates, do you think of weaker or lower grade concrete? Then we have good news for you—neither is true. Studies have been done to test the quality of recycled concrete and the results show that it is equally as safe and reliable to use. This is because of how it is recycled.

We carefully examine old concrete to remove any metal or other debris and then crush down to size for later use. By eliminating any additives, the aggregates maintain their quality and strength.

This presents a great opportunity for you to save money in an eco-friendly way on your next project. Instead of having to waste water pouring concrete or other resources in mining for gravel, you can pay a low cost per ton to acquire structurally sound aggregate that will function just the same as brand new concrete.

If it is approved for use on heavily trafficked roads by the Department of Transportation, you can be sure it is suitable for your project as well. Whether working on a residential or commercial site, you can reduce your footprint while also reducing your costs.

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