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25+ Years of Experience

Mark Velting is the owner of Full Circle Recycle. Mark worked with Velting Contractors for 26 years. In 2003, he and his son Mike Velting began on their own with a sandpit where they gained experience in screening & crushing many different aggregates.

Forward Thinking

Many who take in concrete & asphalt will not resale crushed aggregates. We have a clean concrete site with bin’s to keep our material dry for quality resale.

Problem Solvers

We saw the need for a closer drop-off of clean concrete and asphalt near town. We also offer a hard flat site for drivers and trucks to dispose concrete and asphalt at no cost.

Serve You

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you at our location on Broadmoor Ave.

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3233 Broadmoor Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512, USA

740 Ann St NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504

740 Ann St NW,  Grand Rapids, MI 49504