Did you know that aggregates make up the largest volume of material in concrete? One of the first uses for recycled aggregate in the pavement was on the historic Route 66 in Illinois. Since then, this process has continued in at least 41 states. Why? Because recycled aggregates have proven to be equally as strong as new concrete and help save resources and money.

Aggregates are not just used for paving a street though. For example, even on a home remodeling project, the aggregate can be used in the resurfacing of a concrete countertop. While you’ll have to find the proper size, grade, and shape, you still will be able to create a beautiful counter for the kitchen or bathroom.

In addition, you can make unique walkways or patios for outside the house. When you’re walking up to someone’s driveway or pathway to their house, you tend not to pay attention to the ground beneath you. However, when using exposed aggregates, your eyes will be drawn down to the unique design and colors.

Now that you know some other ideas for using recycled aggregate, how many can you come up with on your own? For your next project, consider using aggregates to save money without sacrificing quality.

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