Do you have concrete or asphalt you need to get rid of? We will take it—for FREE!

There can be a number of different costs associated with your demolition project, but concrete disposal does not have to be one of them. While landfill prices rise and regulations increase, we offer an environmentally-friendly (and financially-friendly) alternative.

Full Circle Recycle is a fully licensed, permitted, and insured concrete and asphalt recycler bringing you 25+ years of experience. We were founded to fill a need for a drop-off location in town, but also to resale crushed aggregates when not many others were.

We offer responsible recycling that won’t we be wasted but will be repurposed back to those who need it. Our goal is to free up space in landfills that concrete debris often fills and preserve the resources it takes to mine for new gravel.

Our resale aggregates also keep prices down for the next time you need asphalt for a job, which is why we offer the lowest cost per ton for crushed concrete and crushed asphalt.

You no longer need to travel long distances to recycle old concrete or acquire high-quality aggregates. Full Circle Recycle is conveniently located in southeast Grand Rapids and ready to take in your concrete today!

Feel free to stop by or contact us for more information.