When dealing with demolished or renovated concrete, you can either dispose of what’s left or recycle it.

Traditionally, after completing a project, you would bring the old concrete to a landfill for disposal. While this used to be the common option, now you can recycle concrete for reuse later.

Concrete taken to a landfill sits idly forever, taking up space that could be better utilized. In addition, you could be charged by the load or by weight just to get rid of it. Don’t waste the space or your money!

Recycle your concrete for free with Full Circle, a fully licensed, permitted, and insured concrete and asphalt recycler, and rest assured knowing it will be crushed into aggregate for future projects. With over 25+ years of experience in the industry, we know the importance of and the benefits of repurposing concrete. It is our goal to help save you money and protect the environment.

We take your old, broken pieces, turn them into aggregates, and get them back into the mix for new projects. I guess you could say we help asphalt and concrete go full circle.

When it comes to concrete, don’t dispose—recycle!
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