COVID-19 Update - We remain open!

We want to let you know Full Circle Recycle will remain open, and continue with our CALL AHEAD STATUS” through April 20th, 2020..

New location Ann St, Grand Rapids!

Visit us at 740 Ann St NW,  Grand Rapids, MI 49504

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25+ Years of Experience

Mark Velting is the owner of Full Circle Recycle. Mark worked with Velting Contractors for 26 years. In 2003, he and his son Mike Velting began on their own with a sandpit where they gained experience in screening & crushing many different aggregates.

Forward Thinking

Many who take in concrete & asphalt will not resale crushed aggregates. We have a clean concrete site with bin’s to keep our material dry for quality resale.

Problem Solvers

We saw the need for a closer drop-off of clean concrete and asphalt near town. We also offer a hard flat site for drivers and trucks to dispose concrete and asphalt at no cost.


We look forward to the opportunity to serve you at our location on Broadmoor Ave and Ann. St.

COVID-19 Update

To you our valued customers, (we have attached a 2020 Price List as well as our Critical Industry Authorization) We are all navigating through uncharted territories these days, yet times like these highlight what matters most! We are thankful for our families and...

A History of Recycled Concrete

A History of Recycled Concrete

Though reusing crushed concrete dates back to ancient times, it was first recorded in 1860 in Germany. It became popular in the United States in the 1970’s though, as landfills near heavily populated areas started refusing to accept broken concrete. The problem was...

Recycled Concrete Aggregates: Are they worth it?

Recycled Concrete Aggregates: Are they worth it?

Over the last couple of weeks, we have encouraged concrete recycling and reuse of aggregates. That’s because they save you money, are much better for the environment, and are extremely versatile... but are there any downsides? Concrete aggregates are usually equal in...

Repurposing Recycled Concrete

Repurposing Recycled Concrete

Did you know that aggregates make up the largest volume of material in concrete? One of the first uses for recycled aggregate in the pavement was on the historic Route 66 in Illinois. Since then, this process has continued in at least 41 states. Why? Because recycled...

Concrete Aggregates: Lower Cost, Same Quality

Concrete Aggregates: Lower Cost, Same Quality

When you think of recycled aggregates, do you think of weaker or lower grade concrete? Then we have good news for you—neither is true. Studies have been done to test the quality of recycled concrete and the results show that it is equally as safe and reliable to use....

Save time AND money on your next demolition project

Save time AND money on your next demolition project

Do you have concrete or asphalt you need to get rid of? We will take it—for FREE! There can be a number of different costs associated with your demolition project, but concrete disposal does not have to be one of them. While landfill prices rise and regulations...

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You have the cleanest hard surface to dump in Grand Rapids


It was really easy to dump the concrete!


Easy to dump and to buy the aggregates that I needed!


Excited for the opening in Ann St! It will be closer to my company!


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740 Ann St NW,  Grand Rapids, MI 49504